Your Winter Newsletter 2021

Domestic Abuse Awareness


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We are honoured to be part of a very important pilot programme being rolled out to businesses in Worcestershire to embed Domestic Abuse Awareness Champions within companies. This is part of efforts being undertaken by the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCLG) and Public Health. Worcester Community Trust has been tasked with building community support in Worcestershire to provide a practical and resilient response to domestic abuse by training Domestic Abuse Champions.

This excellent community based project has been devised and rolled out to give businesses a very real opportunity to make a difference to those suffering Domestic Abuse. As Champions we nominated individuals within our organisation to participate in extensive training workshops to learn how to help support and seek appropriate assistance for those living with Domestic Abuse of any kind whether physical, emotional, financial or sexual.

The initial focus of the training was for business representatives to become more aware so they are able to better support their employees. However, we are extending this role beyond just our team to raise awareness of these issues within our wider community.

Piers Mepsted, Managing Director, recently completed the training and said:

“This training is exceptional and I would encourage every business with staff they care about to get involved. With so many individuals currently working from home and confined to their houses levels of Domestic Abuse have skyrocketed. Domestic Abuse comes in so many forms including Financial control and for so many men and women – 1 in 6 men and 1 in 4 women. It struck me as we were learning to identify warning signs and how to help, that as a business we have over 4500 clients across the West Midlands, and are therefore uniquely placed to help. Through the process of learning and educating ourselves we have come to understand how pervasive a problem this is and we want to do what we can. Many of us will suspect, or know someone who is living with and surviving domestic abuse because it is an issue that crosses all classes, professions, genders and regions. But it is also something that does not have to be endured with the right support - and there is a wealth of support available. Our doors are open and we are here to help.”

Anyone who would like to find out more information our Champions’ details are below. All conversations are strictly confidential.

Piers Meptsed | | 01905 731 864

Angela Whillians | 01905 731 864

Businesses seeking to get involved to support their employees should contact: