Corporate Social Responsibility

We are passionate about doing the right thing and we are not afraid to innovate and lead by example.

Working towards a sustainable world

Our team of advisers are focussed on ESG investing as we see this as the future of good business. We are proud that more than 80% of our investments under management are in these funds.  

We use the PRI (Principles of Responsible Investment) as a framework to demonstrate our integrity and improve the way we work. It has also provided a useful benchmark to select investment partners.

Within our own business we continue to innovate:

  • We have gone paperless asking all our providers to stop using post and paper copies unless absolutely necessary.
  • We use technology to reduce paper usage.
  • All stationery; printed sales and marketing materials and giveaways use recycled paper and plastics.
  • We review our investment partners against the PRI (Principles of Responsible Investment) to check their sustainability credentials.
  • Our utilities use renewable sources.
  • All internal meetings are online where possible and we encourage as many clients as are comfortable to meet online to cut down on travel and environmental impact.

Positively impacting our communities

We lead by example and each of our teams are tasked with fulfilling community outreach or charity work to give back. We want to be known for the good things we do, our vulnerable client approach is another example of this.

We donate regularly to charitable causes in our local communities. We are also taking steps to improve the lives of those who experience Domestic Abuse.

Domestic Abuse Champions

We were the first business to sign up for (and therefore the first in the country) to be part of the Domestic Abuse (DA) Champions programme rolled out to businesses in Worcestershire. This is part of efforts being undertaken by the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCLG) and Public Health. Worcester Community Trust has been tasked with building community support in Worcestershire to provide a practical and resilient response to domestic abuse by training Domestic Abuse Champions.

As Champions our nominated individuals participated in extensive training workshops to learn how to help support and seek appropriate assistance for those living with Domestic Abuse of any kind whether physical, emotional, financial or sexual.

The initial focus of the training was for business representatives to become more aware so they are able to better support their employees. However, we extended this role beyond our team to raise awareness of these issues within our wider community.

Piers Mepsted, Managing Director, recently completed the training and said:

Domestic Abuse comes in many forms including Financial control and for so many men and women – 1 in 6 men and 1 in 4 women. As a business we have over 4500 clients across the West Midlands and are therefore, uniquely placed to help. Through educating ourselves we have come to understand how pervasive a problem this is and we want to do what we can. Our doors are open and we are here to help.”

Anyone who would like to find out more information our Champions’ details are below. All conversations are strictly confidential.

  • Piers Meptsed | | 01905 731 864
  • Niamh Byrne | | 01905 731 864
  • Angela Whillians | | 01905 731 864