Your Summer Newsletter 2020

Techys2u discuss lockdown FAQs


Many of us have faced challenges with IT since lockdown whether we are business owners or simply trying to stay in contact with others from home. So we asked our IT support team to provide some answers to their most frequently asked since lockdown.

Timothy Bailey, founder of Techys2u, which offers managed IT services for small to medium businesses across the Midlands, answers questions about IT setup for the ‘new normal’. 


Q. My internet/ Wi-Fi is really slow at home – what’s wrong?

You need to find out whether it’s your Wi-Fi or internet connection that’s the problem. Use Google to find a free online internet speed test. Do the test while connected by a cable to your router, with any other devices disconnected. A good internet speed in the UK is 24Mbps. If yours is significantly lower, then speak to your provider as you may need to switch.

Q. My internet speed is okay, it’s my Wi-Fi. What can I do?

Check how far your device is from the router. Things like foil-backed plasterboard and stone walls both reduce signal. Extenders can be used to boost your Wi-Fi. Alternatively, Powerline or HomePlug adapters can be used to send internet signals over your homes’ mains cables to another part of the building so you can plug in. Cabling your internet is always preferable to wireless.

Q. What is a VPN and what does it do? 

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it basically provides a secure link from point A to point B. Imagine it as your personal tunnel through the internet or like a wormhole through space.

Q. Do I need extra security measures when working from home? 

Allowing staff to ‘Bring Your Own Device’ keeps the cost down for businesses, but can cause security issues. It’s always best to work via a work-owned laptop or desktop, where the Operating System is regularly updated. If that’s not possible, use VPNs to ensure data remains within the business. 

Q. What’s the best way for my team to keep in touch remotely? 

For work communications and quick-fire questions that don’t need email, we stick to Teams. Previously, we also used Slack, which is a great free alternative. 

Q. My computer has gone really slow. Can I save it? 

If your laptop cost around £400 and is three years old, it should be replaced, as upgrading would be too costly. Memory upgrades can be installed and old Hard Disk Drives can be replaced with Solid State Drives, but this depends on the age and speed of the processor, and is usually more appropriate on desktops.

Q. What’s the best way to back up my work? 

Many people consider their Cloud solution a backup, unfortunately, it is not. Ransomware attacks since Covid-19 have been on the up and if your data is lost, you may not always be able to get it back, so talk to your IT provider about more secure backup solutions.


Techys2u are currently offering a FREE 12 month anti-virus and content filtering package to new businesses, so please reach out to them directly. 

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