Your Winter Newsletter 2018

The Last Word


When thinking back about 2020 we will all remember it for one big reason that impacted us all. But what about the good things that came out of this unusual time? We asked our team about some of the good things that came out of 2020 and here’s what they had to say…


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"Getting out in nature has been central to our surviving lockdown. We have been exploring our local area in the Malvern hills as part of our daily exercise." 

Piers Mepsted


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"I was one of the early victims of Covid-19, I spent a week in hospital and was diagnosed with Pneumonia. Thanks to excellent care from our brilliant NHS staff I recovered well. During my recuperation I took to cleaning my golf shoes, desperately waiting for the courses to reopen. When they did, I was lucky enough to realise a longstanding dream at Royal Birkdale."

Craig Gracey


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"The children and I have celebrated all of our birthdays out in Golden Valley where we live and love to have a good old roast which is our favourite followed by a gorgeous walk across the Valley. We have made some wonderful memories during 2020 despite the Pandemic and also had a new edition to the family – ‘Winston’ our Black lab who is loving it out here with us."

Geroge Roberts 


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"For me 2020 was all about family – we had the addition of our son, Ned in August, and working from home for most of the year meant I got to spend a lot of time with them – most of it was enjoyable – home schooling was not a highlight though!! Allowing Hattie to help make her birthday cake also ended up with a lot of mess! As like with most of us, walking as a family became a regular occurrence – Bethan loves to take a hot chocolate with her!!"

Adam Smith


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"What a year 2020 was, a big year of change for me! I started my fantastic journey with Financial Advice Centre and I am loving it. The warm lockdown meant that I got to spend more personal time with Bethanie, we even got a Fox Red Labrador puppy called Hugo. I also did my first ever Skydive for the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust."

Edward Dalley


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"I haven’t done too much except work over lockdown. I did however learn to always check the weather forecast prior to going mountain biking though as even though this picture was taken in December it’s probably taken until now for me to feel my hands and feet again!"  

Steve Hemming


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"I volunteered to do weekly shops for those shielding so unable to leave their homes. Along the way we met a wonderful retired musician who has since become a friend. When we came out of lockdown it was just in time for us to help him celebrate his 90th birthday, and he treated us to some music too." 

Kirsten Palmer-Jeffery 


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"2020 wasn’t all bad- daily walks with the kids became a staple and the dog and the horse have never been fitter."

Martin Febery


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"I walked 1083 miles from Lands End to John O Groats, we set off early November and made it to the final destination in time for New Year’s Eve 2020, Hogmanay style! This walk was ‘virtual’ of course tracking our way through subscribing to an app, and all for charity. I completed this walk with my fellow Rotarians, we are all members of the Pershore Rotary Business Club and we raised over £2800.00 for a local care farm."

Jo Johnson


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"We observed some very unusual events through lockdown and lots we never thought we’d see. One of the nicest was discovering that teenagers can actually walk outdoors (and smile!)"

Jo Baker

"I was unlucky enough to get COVID. But having had it, supporting the NHS and doing what I could to help felt even more important, so I began giving blood again and that’s a positive thing."

Steve Baker


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"We LOVE food in our house, we’re always trying new recipes and I’m now a self-proclaimed master in sushi making. Also living with a musician has started to rub off as I’ve been learning to play the piano…always like a new challenge."

Niamh Byrne


"I am trying to teach myself how to play the guitar. I am not great at it... but I am enjoying it!"

Doug Caldwell